Kord King Power Cord, Plugs, and Switch Product Lines

Range and Welding power cords are manufactured in the U.S.A., at Kord King, to rigorous standards, are ROHS compliant and UL & CSA listed and approved.

Kord King has the best turnaround times in the industry with delivery normally within 1-2 weeks!

Their range and welding power cords are available in eight (8) NEMA configurations from 5-30p to 15-50P in 3 and 4 wire plug styles (see Technical Data chart below)

The VO rated ABS face plate itself has integral molded barriers to separate the conductors internally. The face plate assembly is then pre-molded to capture the face plate, conductors, blades, and ground pin. This process guarantees the correct blade and ground pin length, as well as superior strength.

The electric current-carrying blades are crimped and soldered to ensure strength and safety.

The Range and Welding cord sets are finished with an ergonomically shaped over-mold of strong PVC plastic to withstand tough environments.

One hundred percent testing ensures that our customers will receive zero defects and high-quality products.

For more information call Kord King today at 800.818.4916 and we’ll be happy to help.

If you know your requirements and simply need a quotation you can use the “Request a Quote” form. We will respond within 24-48 hours with a detailed quote and a firm delivery date.

Range Power Cord Technical Data

NEMA 5-30P CAD Drawing KK5-30P NEMA 5-30P X X NEMA 5-30P Thumbnail Image 5-30p 12/3, 10/3, 8/3, 6/3 25, 30, 30, 30 125
NEMA 6-30P CAD Drawing KK6-30P NEMA 6-30P X X X NEMA 6-30P Thumbnail Image 6-30p 12/3, 10/3, 8/3, 6/3 25, 30, 30, 30 250
NEMA 6-50P CAD Drawing KK6-50P NEMA 6-50P X X X NEMA 6-50P Thumbnail Image 6-50p 10/3, 8/3, 6/3 30, 40, 50 250
NEMA 10-30P CAD Drawing KK10-30P NEMA 10-30P X X NEMA 10-30P Thumbnail Image 10-30p 12/3, 10/3, 8/3, 6/3 25, 30, 30, 30 125/250
NEMA 14-30P CAD Drawing KK14-30P NEMA 14-30P X X NEMA 14-30P Thumbnail Image 6-50p 12/4, 10/4, 8/4 25, 30, 30 125/250
NEMA 14-50P CAD Drawing KK14-50P NEMA 14-50P X X NEMA 14-50P Thumbnail Image 6-50p 10/4, 8/4, 6/4 30, 40, 50 125/250
NEMA 15-30P CAD Drawing KK15-30P NEMA 15-30P X X NEMA 15-30P Thumbnail Image 15-30p 12/4, 10/4, 8/4 25, 30, 30 250
NEMA 15-50P CAD Drawing KK15-50P NEMA 15-50P X X NEMA 15-50P Thumbnail Image 15-50p 10/4, 8/4, 6/4 30, 40, 50 250

** Available in a variety of wire types **