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What Is a Hospital Grade Power Cord?

Hospital-grade power cords, or the “Green-Dot” power cords, are a mandatory requirement in North America in any hospital environment where a human (patients, nurses, doctors, etc.) might come in contact with a power cord. Hospital-grade power cords are built to withstand the demanding safety and performance codes of every medical facility. The hospital grade power cords must meet UL817 and CAN/CSA C22.2 standards and are designed to specifications mentioned in the Medical Equipment Standards: UL 60601-1 and CAN/CSA C2.2 no 21.

Hospital Grade Power Cord Requirements

The strict standards that govern these power cords set forth clear standards that hospital grade power cords must meet. These requirements state that these power cords must:

  • Have larger plug bodies to eliminate the risk of wire to outer body shock
  • Be constructed with solid pins and plug bodies to withstand greater pull forces
  • Be made with clear molding to allow for easier inspection of internal connections between the wire leads and the plug pin throughout the life of the cord set (though this is not the requirement by the standards specifications)

Testing Hospital Grade Power Cords

A special, hospital grade power cable must be used with electronic devices in healthcare facilities to prevent grounding issues. Hospital-grade power cables are designed to provide optimal grounding qualities and withstand tight radii bend without incurring damage.

Tests undergone by hospital grade power cords include:

  • Dielectric Voltage-Withstand Test
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Flexing Test
  • Forces Necessary to Insert and to Withdraw Connector
  • Temperature Test
  • Strain Relief Test
  • Impact Resistance Test
  • Accelerated Ageing Test

Advantages of Kord King Hospital Grade Power Cords

Kord King specializes in manufacturing hospital grade power cords that exceed specification standards for safety, reliability, durability, and performance. Some of the extra features that are added to all of our hospital grade power cords include:

  • Built-in internal strain relief to prevent cord-plug body separation
  • Heavy-duty nickel-plated solid brass blades and pins
  • Pins are crimped and soldered to cable conductors for increased durability and performance
  • A one-piece, molded, and ergonomic design that makes handling comfortable and easy while also providing superior protection against the penetration of liquids, solvents, and cleaning agents

Types of Hospital Grade Power Cords

Hospital grade power cords are available in a variety of colors to simplify the color-coding and identification at any facility. They can also be manufactured at 10, 15, and 20 Amps and 125 to 250 volts with a wide variety of wire types. Kord King hospital grade power cords are UL listed and CSA approved, RoHS and Prop 65 compliant, and are available in 3 wire grounded styles, including:

  • NEMA 5-15P
  • NEMA 5-20P
  • NEMA 6-15P
  • NEMA 6-20P

For more information on any of your needs relating to hospital grade power cords, contact us today.

Hospital Grade Power Cord Technical Data

Hospital Grade Power Cord 5-15P CAD DrawingKK13000HOSPITAL GRADE NEMA 5-15PXXXHospital Grade Power Cord 5-15P Thumbnail Image5-15p18/3, 16/3, 14/3, 12/310, 13, 15, 15125
Hospital Grade Power Cord 5-20P CAD DrawingKK13000-5-20HOSPITAL GRADE NEMA 5-20PXXXHospital Grade Power Cord 5-20P Thumbnail Image5-20p18/3, 16/3, 14/3, 12/310, 13, 15, 20125
Hospital Grade Power Cord 6-15P CAD DrawingKK13000-6-15HOSPITAL GRADE NEMA 6-15PXXXHospital Grade Power Cord 6-15P Thumbnail Image6-15p18/3, 16/3, 14/3, 12/310, 13, 15, 15250
Hospital Grade Power Cord 6-20P CAD DrawingKK13000-6-20HOSPITAL GRADE NEMA 6-20PXXXHospital Grade Power Cord 6-20P Thumbnail Image6-20p18/3, 16/3, 14/3, 12/310, 13, 15, 20250

** Available in a variety of wire types **