Kord King carries regular inventory of some very common stock power cords such as the standard NEMA 5-15P, right angle and range style plugs in a variety of lengths and wire gauges.

Kord King stock cords are made with robust SJTOW flexible cord, which can withstand up to 105 degrees Celsius, and resists sunlight, moisture, and oil. Most stock cord orders can be fulfilled and shipped the same day. Kord King is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and manufactures all our stock cords on-site.

Our stock power cords are perfect for OEMs who need superior quality standard products.

With Kord King, you won’t suffer the headaches of large minimum order quantities, long lead times and you’ll save on your bottom line with much better prices than retail. Please see below for our most popular stock cords – additional lengths and colors may be available. Call us today at 800.818.4916 for pricing and delivery information.

In-Stock Power Cords Specifications

1830060NEMA 5-15P STD18/3SJTOW 105CBLACK6' 3"2"BULK100/BOX10A, 125VUL, CSA1830060 Stock Cord CAD Drawing
1830080NEMA 5-15P STD18/3SJTOW 105CBLACK8'2"BULK100/BOX10A, 125VUL, CSA1830080 Stock Cord CAD Drawing
1830120NEMA 5-15P STD18/3SJTOW 105CBLACK12'2"BULK50/BOX10A, 125VUL, CSA1830120 Stock Cord CAD Drawing
1630060NEMA 5-15P STD16/3SJTOW 105CBLACK6' 3"2"BULK100/BOX13A, 125VUL, CSA1630060 Stock Cord CAD Drawing
1630080NEMA 5-15P STD16/3SJTOW 105CBLACK8'2"BULK75/BOX13A, 125VUL, CSA1630080 Stock Cord CAD Drawing
1430060NEMA 5-15P STD14/3SJTOW 105CBLACK6' 3"2"BULK75/BOX15A, 125VUL, CSA1430060 Stock Cord CAD Drawing
1430080NEMA 5-15P STD14/3SJTOW 105CBLACK8'2"BULK50/BOX15A, 125VUL, CSA1430080 Stock Cord CAD Drawing
1430100NEMA 5-15P STD14/3SJTOW 105CBLACK10'2"BULK50/BOX15A, 125VUL, CSA1430100 Stock Cord CAD Drawing
1430120NEMA 5-15P STD14/3SJTOW 105CBLACK12'2"BULK50/BOX15A, 125VUL, CSA1430120 Stock Cord CAD Drawing
RAB1430080NEMA 5-15P RIGHT ANGLE14/3SJTOW 105CBLACK8'2"BULK50/BOX15A, 125VUL, CSARAB1430080 Stock Cord CAD Drawing
1230080NEMA 5-15P BFP12/3SJTOW 105CBLACK8'2"BULK50/BOX15A, 125VUL, CSA1230080 Stock Cord CAD Drawing
SP101091US-84NEMA 6-30P10/3SJTOW 105CBLACK7'3.25"BULK20/BOX30A, 250VUL, CSASP101091US-84 Stock Cord CAD Drawing