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Common in the lighting industry, our USA manufactured 277 Volt Power Cords are available in a variety of wire types & amp; sizes, colors and lengths. Kord King will manufacture opposite ends to our customer’s specifications, such as wire end termination, jacket stripping or adding contacts and housings. Kord King’s 277 Volt Power Cords ergonomic plug design also allows for easy handling. All components for our 277 Volt Power Cords sets are RoHS compliant, UL and CSA listed and approved.

We also manufacture the 277 Volt plug in Twist Lock configurations, for added versatility.

Call us today at 1.800.818.4916 to discuss your power supply cord needs for any application. Ask for Rob or Tom. You can also use our Quote Request form below and we will respond with a detailed quotation and quick turn-around, usually 1-2 weeks.

277 Volt Plug Types Technical Data

(HPM) Plug 7-15P CAD DrawingKK13000-7-15(HPM) Plug 7-15PX X(HPM) Plug 7-15P Thumbnail Image7-15p 

277 Volt Power Cord Technical Data

Plug TypeWireAmpsVoltage
NEMA 7-15P18/3, 16/3, 14/310, 13, 15277

** Available in a variety of wire types **