Kord King Power Cord, Plugs, and Switch Product Lines

Kord King manufactures power cords and cord sets in color (see below) and will customize a specific color depending on the quantity of the initial run.

Color adds to both the marketing and utility of power cords in both the domestic and international markets.

Color coding has long been used to clearly differentiate between similar looking items to enhance utility and safety.

Bright yellow is often used for visibility but a bright blue can soften and complement a specific interior decor. Green is also being more widely used as a symbol for environmental sensitivity and white is often a popular color for hospital grade power cords.

Color can also be a part of a “Branding” strategy so the “Brown Guys” at UPS may want to use brown extension cords at their installations while FedEx may want to use a Purple color specific to their brand.

We also make two color power cords, clear, and clear with lighted end.

Whatever your purpose in choosing a specific bright or soft color, or two colors, or clear, Kord King can make it happen in a matter of days!

Call us today at 800.818.4916 and speak with Rob or Tom. They can create a spec and a quote in a matter of a few hours or they ballpark a quick idea of cost and quality based on your conversation or email request.

Kord King is the largest and most competitive US manufacturer of power cords and cord sets in color and for every application!