Kord King Power Cord, Plugs, and Switch Product Lines

Kord King offers added functionality to power cords with the inline rocker switch. The most common type of inline rocker switch is the single-pole, single-throw (SPST) “ON/OFF”. Other types, such as two-speed, toggle, and others, can be installed using the inline switch housing. The benefit of the inline switch is that it provides convenience and control.

Inline rocker switches can be mounted on round jacketed cable at virtually any point along the length of the cord. Users can then turn power off using the switch instead of trying to reach for often inconveniently located outlets behind desks and equipment. The inline switch housing is also ergonomically sized to fit in the hands of most individuals, a beneficial feature which makes it easier to handle and see.

Kord King can manufacture custom cords with inline rocker switches in a variety of wire sizes, types and lengths. Kord King typically stocks inline switch housings in black – other colors are available by request and minimum order quantities apply. Call us at 800.818.4916 and we will be happy to help with your inline rocker switch requirements, or use our Request a Quote form below.