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NEMA 1-15P power cords and cordsets (Standard 2-Conductor) are most often found on cords for Class II consumer electronics. The 1-15P configuration does not feature a ground pin, but is upwards compatible with NEMA 5-15R receptacles which are typical in the construction of modern buildings in the United States. They are a low cost option for 10, 13 and 15 Amp devices with a maximum of 120V and can be molded in a variety of colors to meet customer specifications. Kord King also offers the NEMA 1-15P in a polarized configuration and a cord grip style plug. The cord grip is molded along with the plug itself, and this single piece design is robust to ensure longevity. The polarized 1-15P plug has one wide and one narrow blade, for when the interchanging of energized and neutral lines must be prevented.

NEMA 1-15P power cords (Standard 2-Conductor) are manufactured by Kord King, in the United States, with short lead times and reasonable minimum order quantities. The opposite end can be terminated, blunt cut, stripped or customized in order to work best for your application. Kord King NEMA 1-15P plugs are U.L. listed and C.S.A. approved, and they conform to critical environmental compliance standards such as RoHS.


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1-15p Technical Data Chart #1 (Plug Type, Wire, Amps, Voltage)

Plug TypeWireAmpsVoltage
NEMA 1-15P18/2, 16/210, 13125
NEMA 1-15P CG14/215125
POLARIZED NEMA 1-15P18/2, 16/210, 13125
POLARIZED NEMA 1-15P CG14/215125
NEMA 1-15P18/3, 16/3, 14/310, 13, 15125

1-15p Technical Data Chart #2 (CAD, Catalog #, Product Name, UL, CSA, C/UL, C/US CSA, NEMA, UR)

Standard Plug / 2 Cond 1-15P CAD DrawingKK2000Standard Plug / 2 Cond 1-15PXXXStandard Plug / 2 Cond 1-15P Thumbnail Image1-15p CAD Drawing 
Standard Plug / Cord Grip / 2 Cond 1-15P CAD DrawingCG2000Standard Plug / Cord Grip / 2 Cond 1-15PXXXStandard Plug / Cord Grip / 2 Cond 1-15P Thumbnail Image1-15p 
Standard Plug / Polarized 1-15P CAD DrawingKK2001Standard Plug / Polarized 1-15PXXXStandard Plug / Polarized 1-15P Thumbnail Image1-15p Cad Drawing 
Standard Plug / Polarized / Cord Grip 1-15P CAD DrawingCG2001Standard Plug / Polarized / Cord Grip 1-15PXXXStandard Plug / Polarized / Cord Grip 1-15P Thumbnail Image1-15p 
BFUP PLUG 1-15P CAD DrawingKK14000-1-15BFUP PLUG 1-15PX-X BFUP PLUG 1-15P Thumbnail Image kk14000-1-15_nema Cad Drawing 

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