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Kord King Coil Cords

Coil Cords

Kord King Coil Cords

At Kord King, we do offer coiled power supply cords, they are also known as retractable cables. The ability of coiled cords to extend connection with ease and retract out of the way when not needed is the primarily reason for coiled cords popularity. We can make coil cords with or without plugs that are used in many applications such as telecommunication, computers, POS displays, electronics, barcode reader, medical equipment, mobile push carts, material handling equipment, and equipment production line tools throughout many markets.

Retractable cables can be made with different lengths and tangent leads to meet our customers needs. Kord King is able to custom manufacturer your retractable cords to meet your high quality product lines with reasonable lead times. With Kord King retractable power cords you can still maintain high performance with less hassle or avoid potential safety hazards.

Coil cords come in many wire types, sizes, amperages, voltages and colors. Plugs can be molded on several 2, 3 and 4 conductor wires that are UL & CSA listed and approved to customer specification.

If you have any questions please contact our Kord King Sales Team.

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