NEMA 5-15p Power Cords

NEMA 5-15p power cords and cordsets (Standard 3-Conductor) are one of the most commonly used plug configurations and are typically found on cords for devices such as light fixtures, heaters, air conditioners, exercise equipment and food service equipment. This plug type is recommended for 10, 13 and 15 Amp devices running at 120 Volts where … Continued

NEMA 1-15p Power Cords

NEMA 1-15P power cords and cordsets (Standard 2-Conductor) are most often found on cords for Class II consumer electronics. The 1-15P configuration does not feature a ground pin, but is upwards compatible with NEMA 5-15R receptacles which are typical in the construction of modern buildings in the United States. They are a low cost option … Continued

Technical Data Power Cords

Plug Types for our custom cord sets and custom extension cords with links to CAD drawings (PDF format).

Twist Lock & Locking Plug Power Cords

Twist Lock, or Locking Plug power cords and cordsets are ideal for use in applications where a continuous electrical connection is required. They are specifically designed for high usage, rough environment, industrial and commercial applications. Locking plug power cords are often found powering devices such as computer racks, lighting and sound equipment, power poles, outlet … Continued

Range and Welding Power Cords

Range and Welding power cords are manufactured in the U.S.A., at Kord King, to rigorous standards, are ROHS compliant and UL & CSA listed and approved. Kord King has the best turnaround times in the industry with delivery normally within 1-2 weeks! Their range and welding power cords are available in eight (8) NEMA configurations … Continued

277 Volt Power Cords

Common in the lighting industry, our USA manufactured 277 Volt Power Cords are available in a variety of wire types & amp; sizes, colors and lengths. Kord King will manufacture opposite ends to our customer’s specifications, such as wire end termination, jacket stripping or adding contacts and housings. Kord King’s 277 Volt Power Cords ergonomic … Continued

Industrial Duty Power Cords and Cordsets

Industrial duty power cords and cordsets are manufactured by Kord King and in the U.S.A. All of these industrial duty power cords have short lead times and require only reasonable minimum order quantities. Industrial duty power cords and cordsets are molded in a variety of colors, in any length, with opposite end terminated per customer … Continued

Hospital Grade Power Cords – Green Dot

Hospital grade power cords, “Green Dot” power cords and cord sets are built to withstand the demanding safety and performance standards of every medical facility. All of our hospital grade power cords and cordsets are built with an internal strain relief to prevent separation of the cord from the plug body for added safety. Heavy-duty … Continued

Heavy Duty Right Angle Power Cords

Heavy duty right angle power cords and cordsets are designed for applications where durability and reliability are critical. Ideal for virtually any large appliance, heavy duty right angle power cords and cordsets are often found on vending machines, HVAC and geothermal heating systems, electric car charging stations, medical refrigeration equipment and food service preparation equipment. … Continued