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IEC C-19 Power Cord (60320)

IEC C-19 power cords and cordsets (60320) are intended for electrical appliances that require a maximum of 250V and 20 Amps.

The 3-wire receptacle configuration falls under appliance class I – these cords are mono-insulated, and do not require a wire to ground.

IEC C-19 is most commonly found on servers and power distribution units at the power output end. The special horizontal orientation of the blades is a safety feature intended to prevent interchanging with a lower rated cord.

IEC C19 Technical Data Chart #1 (Plug Type, Wire, Amps, Voltage)

Plug Type Wire Amps Voltage
IEC C19 60320 16/3, 14/3, 12/3, 10/3 13, 18, 20, 20 125/250

** Available in a variety of wire types **

IEC C19 Technical Data Chart #2 (CAD, Catalog #, Product Name, UL, CSA, C/UL, C/US CSA, NEMA, UR)

CAD Catalog # Product Name UL CSA C/UL C/US CSA NEMA UR
IEC C-19 CAD Drawing KK10000-C19-IEC-C-19 IEC C-19 BUSINESS MACHINE PLUG X   X IEC C-19 Thumbnail Image    

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