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Our Products are 100% RoHS Compliant

About Kord King

Kord King Office Bulding

"Starting with quality...Ending with quality" is the underpinning of our power cordsets manufacturing program. All employees: management, staff and production, attend a formal quality training program upon being hired and attend regularly scheduled update programs.

We purchase all raw materials from pre-approved vendors and statistically monitor vendor material shipments to assure compliance.

Power cords and cordsets manufacturing at Kord King ensures production quality by operator in-process inspection including visual, electrical, dimensional, and tensile testing. Each operator is responsible for maintaining quality standards for his/her operation, and has "stop-the-job" authority. This program is supplemented by a rigid statistical process program and adherence to MIL 105 sampling techniques.Statistical Process Control and continuing training programs renew and refresh our commitment to total quality involvement.

Before shipment, all cordsets are 100% electrically tested and visually inspected. We start with quality to end with quality...Cord sets that do the job for which they were designed...time after time, after time.

Manufacturing Information

Power cords and cordsets manufacturing begins in our engineering department where CAD/CAM systems are used to design new high precision multi-cavity molds.

The power cordsets manufacturing process goes to a shop floor where the most up-to-date equipment is utilized in a cellular production environment. This is why Kord King can deliver in days. We begin to finish production parts approximately 30 minutes after starting a job.

All Kord King cordsets pass stringent in-process and final inspection and are U.L. listed and C.S.A approved.